Zoe Murphy

British designer Zoe Murphy promotes the idea of ‘Loving what belongs to you’ by printing onto recycled furniture and textiles using imagery inspired by her seaside hometown. Zoe graduated from Loughborough University in 2008 with a first class degree in Printed Textiles. Having always been fascinated by the potential of re-use and rejuvenation of unwanted items, she works closely with the idea of encouraging others to consume more carefully and with more responsibility. The prints she uses to upcycle existing furniture and textiles draw their inspiration from her seaside hometown of Margate, Kent. This South East resort hosts its own theme park, Victorian rollercoaster, 1930’s cinema, and England’s first beach for donkey rides. However, with a sad lack of love and attention for these British seaside icons, and with many tourists choosing the quick fix option of foreign holidays, many of the landmarks have been closed, burned down or removed. Zoe uses Margate, with its gaudy unpolished potential, to reflect her core values. It is a place and thing that with loving attention and good design can be brought back to be something beautiful, desired and respected.